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Computers & Wifi

The Lee County Libraries offers public computers for all community members. Free public Wi-Fi is also available within the building during open hours and outside in the parking lot 24/7!

Using Our Computers

The Lee County Libraries offer public use computers to all visitors. Use your library card to sign in or request a guest pass at the desk.

What You Can Do

All of our computers offer internet access, word processing, and printing.
*Public Computer use is by first come first serve in 60 minute time increments.
- - 60 minute time renewals may be requested if no one is waiting.
- sanitizing wipes are available for patron use to wipe down computers before or after use.
- Hand sanitizer is recommended before and after computer use.
**Children's Department computers do have internet but printing can only be done via "Print From Home" at this time.

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Print From Home

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Getting Computer Help

Library Staff can usually answer your basic computer questions by phone or in person during open hours. However, staff may determine your question requires more time and an appointment will then be recommended. Appointments are scheduled with a library staff member well-versed in the specific request. Appointments cannot exceed 30 minutes. After appointment, trainings, workshops, and other community resource connections will be recommended.

Free Patron WiFi 24/7

Free WiFi is available in the parking lots of both libraries 24/7.