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Library Staff & Board Members

Meet the Library Staff

Beth List
Director of Library Services

Brittany Newman
Community Engagement & Programming Librarian III

Allison Sills
Cataloging & Technology Services Librarian II

Sarah Wall
Youth Services Librarian I

Jeremy Mullins
Circulation & Administrative Services Manager

Delisa Williams
Outreach Services Library Assistant III

Sheneeta Thomas
Cataloging Library Assistant II

Jordan Minter
Library Assistant I

Library Assistant I

Laura Mcginn
Library Assistant I

Part Time Library Assistants:

  • Kim

  • Christopher

  • Beth W.

  • Elaine

  • Vacant

  • Vacant

Part Time Library Pages:

  • Vacant

  • Vacant

Library Board of Trustees:

  • Cathy Griffith, Chairwoman
    Initial Appt.: June 2017
    Current Term: June 2020 - June 2023

  • Clarissa Miller, Vice-Chair
    Initial Appt: June 2021
    Current Term: June 2021 - June 2024

  • Chris Beal, Trustee
    Initial Appt: June 2019
    Current Term: June 2019 - June 2022

  • Sue Porr, Trustee
    Initial Appt.: June 2016
    Current Term: June 2021 - June 2024

  • Bill Tannenbaum, Trustee
    Initial Appt: June 2016
    Current Term: June 2019 - June 2022

  • Rebecca Hunter, Trustee
    Initial Appt: Jan. 2019
    Current Term: June 2021 - June 2024

  • Erin Britton, Trustee
    Initial Appt: June 2021
    Current Term: June 2021 - June 2024

Interested in joining our staff?
We are currently accepting applications for Full Time Library Assistant I and Part Time Library Assistant I. Please follow the link below to submit your application through the Lee County Government Human Resources Department. All inquiries should be directed to the HR department as well.

Interested in becoming a Library Board member?